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Any high speed cemera 1000frame/s supported by ni

Any suggestion, thanks.

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Basler A504k


if used in full frame (1280*1024) the max frame rate is 500 Hz but if you decrease the nb of lines you can proportionally increase the frame rate.

Ex :


1280*512 -> 1000 Hz

1280*256 -> 2000 Hz

1280*128 -> 4000 Hz

1280*64 -> 8000 Hz

1280*32 -> 16000 Hz


I don't know where it stops, but I've tested up to the 16 kHz and it works fine.


Hope this helps

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Antoine Chalons

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There are several cameras that can do 1000 fps.  Many require reducing the field of view to get the higher frame rate.  I would check the Graftek site ( to see what meets your requirements.  Everything they have is LabVIEW compatible.  They are also happy to help you if you call and explain what you need.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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