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Any experience with LabView on Linux?

Hi folks,

is anybody out there with experience with LabView on Linux? Or is
there a FAQ? My concern is mostly assigned to "talking to
hardware" vie serial ports under Linux. With GPIB card drivers
for Linux I don't anticipate too many problems...

Thanks in advance - David.
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Hey David,


You shouldn't have troubles if there are drivers and you are using the proper distro. Here is a list of the distributions which National Instruments recommends and supports. Personally, I prefer Scientific Linux 5.5 since it has been the easiest to deal with of the distros I've tested, and the VISA drivers you will need for serial are fully supported. Here is the Linux FAQ as well. Hope that helps!

John B.
Embedded Networks R&D
National Instruments
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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