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Any example using I2C and Roboard RB-110 available? Thanks


Hi everyone,


I need to communicate with a sensor using a I2C bus  (I have no experience with this ) and the Roboard card ( RB-110 (or RB-100)). I have attached some functions that have been developped and are apparently very useful from what I have seen on some forums. My problem is that I can't find any example to start up with (I don't know how the functions get together)


Would anybody have an example or know how these functions should be put together? (a simple example or more complex that I could analyse)


Any help would be great,







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Hi User_1979,


Thanks for posting on National Instruments forum.


The VIs you use are not implemented by National Instruments. Basically it is a wrapper for the RoBoIO .NET. You can find here some user manuals which can be very useful to understand the I2C and how to use the BoBoIO .NET interface.


You can also contact RoBoard to see if they have any examples. And you have here a forum for Robotics.

Benjamin R.
R&D Group Manager, Software Development
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Hi Benjamin,


Thanks for your advice and for posting my question on the robotic forum.


Best regards,



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