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Any LabVIEW 2009 Front Panel Gage displayed as Continuous 360 deg circle?

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Although your process worked, it was VERY DIFFICULT to do.


I had to resize the control up to full screen to get any accuracy. The hot points to get the scale to move were VERY DIFFICULT to get a hold of with everything else in the area selecting instead. It was VERY Difficult to get the 360 degrees to lay on top of the 0 degrees. Even though the tick marks were set for uniform, they didn't display that way, many of the tick labels did not appear unless I resized the control to a certain larger size. VERY BAD UI functionality.


All other HMIs (Human/Machine Interface software) that I tried (about a dozen) are MUCH EASIER. I specify the angle to start and end the scale. If the angles are the same, they automatically lay exactly on top of each other. None of this drag to resize difficulties.


In other HMsI, the tick labels are always uniform and are always displayed, even if they lay on top of each other. ALSO, other HMI give you much greater configuration control over the spacing of the major and minor tick marks. It doesn't appear the LabVIEW is a useful as ALL of the other HMIs that I have used.

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There seems to be another helper to align the lower scale limit to a nice value. If you drag the lower scale marker while holding down the shift key, it snaps to multiples of 45 degrees. (This is in LV 2010, I have not tried in earlier versions).

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Thanks for your example, it worked great!

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