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Antenna Radiation Pattern in 3D

Hi Yardov,

How are you?

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Well that’s a interesting question but for this type of forum is not very social just technical around NI products and how to solve challenges. So feel free to interact with the community. If your question is similar to one before, you use the same thread but if it’s different you create a new one. 

Gerardo O.
RF SW Engineering R&D
National Instruments
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Hope you are good. My name is Ali. I also working on the topic of Antenna Pattern Generation using LabVIEW USRP. 

I would like that we connect through some social media app so that we can talk and help each other.

This will be very helpful for us. Thanks in advance for gicing your time. Looking for a reply from your side.

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I am a university student and also working on a similar project as my final year project.
I wanted to know that how can we achieve polar plot for antenna radiations since I am not able to do so. Can I get a hint.
Let me mention, I want to transmit a signal and receive it to produce a polar plot.

Your reply would highly be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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