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Analog inputs,saving to file with USB-6008


I doing a hardware project - I need to measure voltage from 4 analog inputs according to time , sampling every 0,5-1second. I received USB-6008 card and evaluation version of the labview. My problem is that I don't have any experience with this software and now learning whole environment is not my task, it should be only tool to read and save data to the file. I have enough things to do with this project anyway.

I tried some included examples and from the web, it's kind working 1channel and saving to file but I have no control in sampling rate or start,stop button also no time base.

Can anyone help me ? What components should I use?




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@michalo wrote:

it's kind working 1channel and saving to file

Post the code you have working so far.
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I started from something like this :  file_1 , saving it's not working

Now I have this : file_2 - readming and saving it's working from 3 channels

But I'm not sure Rate is working, I don't know how to change to infinite samples to read ( tried -1 but not works ),

Also need to add start button and time colum into data file

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Try to look on this example. In first frame a simulated waveform is written down into a file. In second frame - it reads a file You have written earlier.


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