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Analog Devices RTI815 RTI-802 and Opto 22 AC28

I have an application that involves the AD, and opto 22 cards mentioned above in a test rig.  Has anybody had any experience with these cards within labview?
*  RTI-815 - Analog Input and Output card (+ some digital I/O)
*  RTI-802 - Analog Output card
*  AC28 - Digital I/O card
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Hi John,

Those are some old cards! By coincidence we threw some of these out last week.

I had some code that worked with the RTI815 cards but have not used the others.

Let me know if you want me to dig out the code.

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Hi John,

Thanks for posting. I've done some research on these products and have found that the Analog Devices products are obsolete. Typically, support for 3rd party instruments would be found on the Instrument Driver Network page. It appears you're not the first person to ask for these drivers, but I haven't been able to find the drivers myself. There are some possible options, pointed out in a similar post. Lastly, you could contact us for any upgrade possibilities by visiting

Mark E.
Precision DC Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and LCR Meters
Programmable Power Supplies and Source Measure Units
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Hi, thanks for the responses.  I did a search on the 815 and 802, but I must admit, I neglected to search the forums for the AC28.  All 3 cards are still available (although AD has discontinued their cards UEI manufactures replacement units)  The company I work for has these cards in several test rigs, and I'm looking at options of modernising the PC & control software without incurring the cost of a complete control system retrofit (the current control software is DOS based).  In view of performance & accuracy it probably makes sense to upgrade the cards and signal conditioning, but In the short term that would be a difficult proposition.

We also have other test machines which use labview, AD 5B signal conditioning, and Siemens profi connected I/O.  Ideally if we were to look at a complete retro I would be keen to commonise as much equipment as possible.  However, while the current hardware remains available, and performs adequately It will be quite difficult to justify.

SSK: Also, I would be interested in the code that was you utilised, if you could dig it up that would be a great starting point.

Mark:  Thanks also for your post.  I'll look into the driver kit, and most likely ask NI if they would consider writing some drivers at some stage.


Some links:





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i will post the vis that I have - what version of LV are your running?

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File attached.

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We've got an old piece of equipment (new to us) and it uses the RTI815.  Using the current dos software we cannot communicate to the analog signals.  As a last effort we thought we might try labview, however the computer runs windows 98 and the drivers posted are for a newer version of labview.  Might anyone know if drivers exist for labview 6.1 or older? 



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