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An installer that is as light as possible

I finished a driver (made with LV 8.6.1) to the PLC LOGO! (of Siemens). It application communicate through the serial port.


My question 1 is: How to create an installer that is as light as possible?, because when it is created, it weighs 120MB.

The question is because I think distribute it via Internet.


My question 1 is: If I am distribute only the executable, What run time should be downloaded by users? Obviously apart from the LabVIEW run-time-engine.


There is an installer for VISA run time engine?, which only contains the drivers for the serial port.



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Yes, there is an installer for the VISA run-time. This is the same run-time you probably have selected in the installer for your LabVIEW project. No, there is no option for a serial only run-time. If there was, you would see this in the project for LabVIEW project. This was an option only for LabVIEW 7.1 or older.

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