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An error occurred trying to load the assembly labview 2020

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I am trying to connect Kinesis to Labview following these instructions:


The .net container keeps showing an error message when I try to pull up the kinesis program. I have tried these solutions, but they seem to not work:


Does anyone know how I can get rid of the error message and actually have Labview pull up the controls? 


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Did you install the correct "bitness" of Kinesis?  If your LabVIEW is 32-bit, you need to install the "Kinesis 32-bit for 64-bit computers" version.


It's also best if you try it with a VI that is in a project file, and that project file is in a directory with all 100+ DLLs that come with the Kinesis driver.


I can verify that LabVIEW 2018 works with the DLLs in this situation with the 1.14.9 DLLs.  Anything newer I haven't tried.

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Ah! I just checked Kinesis and it is 64-bit while Labview is 32-bit, thank you so much!

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