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An EASY change: Read from one digital line instead of 4 ports

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I found this application (see sippet) which read from all four digital ports and then add them to array and counts 1+ for each time the sum of the array is 0. 

I'll like to just check on one digital line. When I change the DAQ Assistans to digtial input from port to line it turns into a boolean. But how do I change the setup so I only compare the one line which propely is 1 or 0.?


Thanks in advance.  



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If I understand your issue properly, you can just replace the Add Array Elements and the Equal To 0 with just an OR Array Elements.

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A number <>0 is  boolean True.  A number =0 is a boolean False.


In that code, it is summing up an array of numbers to see if they are equal to 0, which would mean All are False.


If you have a boolean array, do an OR Array elements,  and take that NOT of that that.

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