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Amplifying Type K Thermocouple for high temp reading with USB 6008

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I am attempting to amplify a type K thermocouple so that the signal can be read somewhat accurately by a USB-6008. I have looked at the AD595 chip but it states a maximum useful temperature of 100 C and I am going to need to be reading up to 700 C. 


Is there another amplifier chip that would work up to this temperature, or should I resign myself to using the signal unamplified and getting a very inaccurate (~30 C/division) reading for temperature?



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The AD595 has a range of -200C to 1250C, here is the data sheet:



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The amplifier itself has an operating temperature range to 125 degrees. Perhaps you confused that with the thermocouple temperature range?



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Bleh, I feel pretty silly now, especially because I looked over the data sheet a number of times before posting. I was in fact assuming the operating temperature limits as the effective readout temperature limits. Thanks for the help!
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A heads up- some people have ran into issues using the chip with the USB-600x devices, various solutions. You may want to browse of these posts ahead of time:



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