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All SCXI-1163 Relays open at the same time


When I try to switch only one relay of my SCXI-1163 module for the
first time (i.e when I just opened labview), ALL relays open at the same

This is terribly annoying. How can I avoid this. I havent' found any
initialization VI.
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had same problem weeks ago with LAB-PC1200-card.
Port config has to be called for initialization.
But just one time - otherwise relais will open again.
Have a look at:
\examples\daq\scxi\scxi_dig.llb\SCXI-116x Digital
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I know this VI, but I still have problems with my scxi-1163R module.
As far, as I understand, when I run labview, the first thing I have to
do is to run the 'port config' vi just one time, and then, when I want
to open/close a relay, I have to call the 'port write' vi.

This does not work properly. The 'port config' vi seems to work well
(i.e no error message and no action on the relays), but I'm not able to
run others vi wich contains the 'port write' vi, as they need a task ID
which should come from the 'port config' vi.
I tried to put this task ID in a global variable but then the 'port
write' vi opens all relays.

The only solution for the moment is:
- When I open labview, run 'port config' and 'port write' with an hex
pattern FFFFF (all relays opens)
- When
I want to close/open a relay, run 'port config' and 'port write'
with an correct hex pattern.

I want to avoid to have to open all the relays when I open labview.
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> Hello Patrick,
> you want to restart LV-DevelopmentSystem and write to a DigitalPort?!
> Restarting LV means new TaskID's are generated.
> PortConfig has to be called again and relays open.
> Your problem is the restart of LV-DS.
> Why restarting LV? - I am thinking about a stand alone application.
> You will need the ApplicationBuilder.
> May be the new stuff like ApplRefNum in LV-5.1 is a solution. But I don't think
> so.
> Regards
> Manfred
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