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Air of the Square power of a generated signal.


I need to generate a current into a coil and then calculate the Impulse given by the force caused by the generation of the current into the coil, the current is generated as a Pulse.
-Current J(t) is generated as a Pulse.
-Force is a function of the current generated, F(t)=0,5.L.J(t)^2, ( L is unductence and J is generated pulse current).
-Impulse is just the air under the Force graphe but  how can I get the graphe of the Force? 
An eXemple is attached. 
Thank you for helping me . 

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Dear Archer99,


I do not understand your question, partially also because your VI is complete as you described according to your equations. Almost: a square sign is missing. But that is all. Could you explain closer your problem?



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