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Agilent N6700B OVP set error

The bug was reported with the IVI class driver calling the agn6700 IVI dll. It looks like you are using the LabVIEW driver and I don't think the bug applies. What error do you get when you run the exe? Did you install VISA on the pc with the exe? Did you export your hardware configuration when you create the installer (you did create an installer, didn't you)? If you installed MAX, does it show up there?

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Whitt- Are you still around? What excatly did you modify in that subVI? 4 years later and I am running into the same issue. I am relatively new to the environment so I don't feel comfortable mod'ing the provided sub-VI.

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Thanks for your patience with me on that.

I wised up a little since.

When I disconnect the yellow error output wire of the Set OVP function from the rest of the functions downstream I am able to turn on the supply modules/channels (on the devleopment system) and take continuous measurements. But when i connect the error output of the OVP function to the other functions, including the one that issues the commands to turn the two channels on, then the supply does not turn on, I guess it is inhibited by the error. And again, that happens on the Labview machine.

I am not sure what exactly is happening over at the other non-labview system. I will try again tomorrow to create the exe and the installer and try again.


Regarding the questions you had:

1. The driver I am using looks like a Labview driver. I downloaded it from NI/Labview website and it is from 2007. There are quite a few files there, one of which is called "ang6700.llb. Is there place I can dig a driver from?

2. VISA is installed on that other PC.

3. The supply's static IP addr I assigned  is shown under MAX1.

4. Am not sure what you mean by HW configuration when I created the installer. I did include the exe and the RTE for the LV 2012.


I also dubugged  the problem a little and placed a breakpoint before the OVP functions and probes around the function and within its sub VIs. I noticed that the functions basically are creating SCPI strings that the instrument operates upon. I could not find any problem with the buffer containing the final string for that OVP function. I could account for all the parameters that feed the OVP function, and contrary to what the user who clamied to fix the subVI, I was able to turn on and off the OVP and see the ON/OFF in the SCPI string....

I am tired... any suggestions?


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Okay, I misunderstood. I thought you were not getting an error on the development system. I can't look at the VI right now and i'll check the previous post to see if the fix referred to the IVI driver or the LabVIEW.

Note that there is a project style driver available. It might be newer. You get that by doing Help > Find Instrument Drivers.
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I think what I will do for now is bypass the error wire of that OVP function.

I will assume that the function itself functions, that is, if an OVP condition does indeed occur the PS will shut down.

I guess I can try it and see if it does.



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And after re-compiling the VI with the OVP Function error bypassed, I can run the application on the target (non-labview computer). Question is, Will the OVP function opearte when a real OVP condition happens, or that Missing Header error disables the whole function.

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After talking with an Agilent tech support regarding the SCPI commad strings generated by the "Set" to the PS instrument, I then went to th elower level block diagram and completely removed the the top two Functions in the "agn6700 Configure" sub VIs which produced an extra SCPI stirng that the instrument did not like. The two functions removed are:

1. Apend True/False String box

2. Format into String

Following that, the module worked fine.

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I want to order N6700B with labview
I can activate or deactivate one or two channels and change the values of voltage and Current, but I found a problem : i can't chage the "channel" button or  "meter" button from my pc
can you help me please?
thx 🙂

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