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Agilent 34970A

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I have a problem with acquiring from Agilent 34970A devices.


Currently I have several devices of Agilenet 34970A with 3 DAQ cards all connected to thermocouples and I have written a software that reads from all of them but sequentially meaning that I have to acquire all data from the first device buffer before starting acquring from the second device and this is causing problem for me for the sampling rate.


What I have read and know that I can at first , intialize all devices with required settings and then send a trigger to all devices and then acquire data from buffer once all of them finish scanning. and then resend the trigeer everytime i need a new scan which is in my case continous scanning


I have looked into the example Advanced Scan of agilent library but the problem I cannot understand quite how to set the machine to have a trigger sent programatically by me, the options are not understandable by me, if any one can help , it will be much appreciated.



I have attached Agilent Library and my code which is a modification for the advanced scan 


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Try the VISA Assert Trigger to execute GET.
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I used the GPIB IEEE488.2 with trigger all and read all and it worked :-D 

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