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Agilent 34410a Voltage Measurement

Good afternoon, guys. I need some help to acquire voltage through LabVIEW, using the multimeter Agilente 34410a. I have the libraries, but I don't know how to do that. Has anyone ever done something similar? Please give me some tips. I'll post what I've done, but it hasn't worked. Thank you!

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Just make sure the Meter is configured to expect Serial And I think the default are 9600,8,none and 1. I'm  pretty sure you can't change parity stop bis or bits

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As a start you should do the following: Put the initialize and configure measurement subVIs in front of the while loop, you don't need to initialize and configure at every iteration. Just keep the read measurement vi and the indicator in the loop. After the loop add the close vi that is in the 34401a palette to terminate the VISA session and then add the Error Handler vi. Add a delay in the loop, the instrument is not able to read and sent measurement at CPU speed, you can add the wait vi and set it to 1000ms or more (do you need to read measurement faster that every second?). Remove the false constant by a boolean control to stop the loop, the way it is you have to abort the execution to stop the vi wich is bad practice. You can also ored the stop button with the status value of the error cluster, in that case the vi will also stop if an error occur.


note: also validate the rs-232 settings



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Not sure how you're connecting your DMM to the computer... the 34411A next to me is LAN/GPIB/USB, no serial port on it.  34410A is pretty much the same device.


I have mine connected through LAN.  USB is a little easier, don't have to search around or configure the IP address.  Just plug it in.  Plugged this into USB,  ... and max crashed. 😕  Anyways, it comes up as a usb device in Devices and Interfaces. (See usbdevice.png.)


From there, you don't even need an open visa to talk to it... just create a constant/control to the visa resource and pick the VISA name, whether it's a network device you created using the LAN/LXI IP, or the USB VID/PID/SN resource.



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Thank you so much, guys. I am glad cause I did it! 😄


There's another question. I am trying now to measure temperature with a PT-100, 2 wires. I can do that with my agilent, but when I run the program, it changes to DC voltage and I can't do anything eles to change back. Do you know how to measure temp with labview? I used a temperature, RTD vi. I don't know my mistake.


God bless!

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Go through the programming section in the manual, there's SCPI commands you'll need to send to the device to change it into remote mode, then configure it for temperature, then read the value. 

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