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Agilent 34401A time log RS-232

I am using the Agilent 34401A to measure DC current, using the default example. Does anyone have advice on how to log the samples at recieved from the multimeter in relative time, continiously for defined period of time.

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If you are not very concerned with high speed (aka you can wait for the data to be written to disk), you can just add the "Write to delimited Spreadsheet" to the while loop.


I added comments to the picture below for ONE method of logging until a specified time.  The method I show assumes you add a Timestamp control to the Front Panel where the operator is inputting a time in the future when the test will stop.  There are many other triggers that can be used to stop the acquisisiton (time after acquisition started, X # of data points, etc).


labview vi.PNG


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Thank you for help!

It has been busy for me for the past weeks, but here is the output.

I get an error windows with the values the multimeter has acquired, I think.

agilent 1.JPG

agilent 2.JPG

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Hi Alias,


I see two possible solutions:

- set your computer account to use a point (.) as decimal separator! Using the comma for scientific/DAQ work is plain silly…

- check for any string-to-numeric (and vice-versa!) conversion in your Agilent driver to ensure it works with numbers using the point as decimal separator!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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