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Agilent 33220A Sync - Parellel Execution

Hi Guys,


I have 2 Agilent 33220A function generators that I need to synchronise. At present, I do not have the synchronising hardware installed at the back of the units. I've been in contact with the manufacturer and have discussed the upgrade but it is costly so I'm trying to find a way around it.


What I need to do is output the same waveform from 2 function generators but with opposite phase exactly like the waveform image I have attached below. Is it possible to run my VI in parellel so that all of the set up of both function generators happens sequenctially and then when it actually comes to turn the outputs on, they occur at the exact same time? i.e. LabVIEW runs both of the "Output Arbitrary Waveform" functions at the exact same time.


My plan is to set up the waveforms so that there is a couple of microseconds between the top one being LOW and the other one being HIGH. But if the code doesn't execute at the exact same time then this will not work. Is it possible to rendevous the code so that they will both execute at the exacte same time? I know LabVIEW probably cannot be accurate up to the microsecond. Thanks for your help.




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The way to do what you want is to get AG 33220A with Option 001. It is an external 10Mhz clock that you can synchronize your equipements with.

To do the same thing with parallel loop in Windows can't be done with same precision.

You still can try to send your commands with rendez-vous points. But i don't know what will you accept ...


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Hi, thank you for the reply. That is what I thought. Our hardware does not have the Option 001 installed so I was trying to find a way around it but everywhere I have looked recommends that to be the best way so I will go forward with that. Thank you.

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