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After taking data from o-scope how to calculate the rise time of the waveform?

Hi everybody,
During autotest of HVPS I'm taking waveforms from Tektonix TDS420 scope and displaing on the Graph. After that I need do some calculation with that waveforms. I can do measurements as a frequency and amplitude. And I can measure the peak also. But I need to measure the rise time.
This is a waveform what I am trying to play with.
I'm working on the LabView 8.0
Thanks a lot
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You can use the "Transition" and the output duration is the rise or fall time.

Take a look at it and see if it helps.

PS Your waveform didn't show up in your post.  If you have some data stick it in a VI and attach that so we can see what you have already tried and help you get to the final solution.

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