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Advice for an interesting Labview fpga project

Hi, I want to create some system in which I can use stand SBRIO-9631 with fpga, and protocols (spi and i2c) (Even a little research into them). 

I would like to get some advice about what intresting system I can create, maby using WEB technologies. 

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What do you mean by "WEB technologies"?

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You can do pretty much anything out there when I2C and/or SPI are involved.  One interesting thing I had to do as part of a test system was talk to some smart batteries through the SMBus (which is a specialized form of I2C).  Almost all rechargeable battery packs (like in your laptop) use it.  You can get information like how much charge is left, how long the charge will last, output current, output voltage, etc.

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I meant a web interface to some system)

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Thanks for advice) I will investigate what I can do with batteries 🙂

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