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Addresssettings for Adam Module


I want to run 2 programms (both with Adam Modules) on one computer, but
I got some problems with the setting of addresses by LabVIEW Drivers.

The Open can run with the COM1 well, for example, I set the
addresses 000 001 and 002, so it runs correctly when I input 0 , 1000 or

2000 to this sub-vi . ( there are 2 Adams Modules)

By COM2 (there are 2 Adams) I set the addresses as 003 and 004, because

I think the computer can not find the correct Adam if I set them as 000
and 001.
But the Open Device showed always the error " Configuration Data lost".

I don't know how to set the address if I want to use the COM2 with more
one Adam Module, could someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

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I'm not very familiar with Adams Modules. Are these just devices on a multidrop serial bus? If so, you might have to address the devices on COM2 as 001 and 002 since these are the first and second devices on the COM2 port. COM1 and COM2 are totally separate communications ports. If this is not the case, perhaps explaining a little bit more about the Adams modules will help a little.
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