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Addres Modbus ??

Hello to all.


I would like to use modbus serial for communicating with a PLC.

Anyone can tell me what is this address? How can I know it? (image attached "seleccion_046.png")


As well I would like to know which modbus addres is output Y5.

In page 201 of Manual PLC there is a table which I think I can get that informatacion from it but I do not know how represent it. (table attached as well "seleccion_047.png"


Thanks a lot!

Any help will be appreciate it






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See page 7-78 in your manual. No 410 Unit No is the address.

So if you do not know the address you need to connect the PLC to a computer so you can set the address.

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Thanks a lot!!!

Do you know the other question? Which modbus addres is Y5 in my PLC?



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