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Addon Files _NISVFA missing

Hi there,

i got a question. I reinstalled a pc and upgraded on Labview 2016 including Sound and Vibration Toolkit 2015.

My old VIs are made with Labview 2012 and Sound and Vibration Toolkit 2012. When i tried to start my old VI there comes a message that he can't find the "svc_Window [Dual FFT].ctl" file.

It should be in vilib under --> addons\_NISVFA\_Shared subVIs\Controls\

I didn't find this folder. I think this should be the files which are included in the Sound and Vibration Toolkit which i already installed. Does anyone have an idea where i get the missing files?

ALso missing are:

SVFA FFT Spectrum

SVFA Frequency Response

SVFA Power Spectrum

SVL Running Leq Sound Level

SVFA Spectrum Peak Search

SVFA Get Spectrum

SVC_Spectrum Info

and a view more...


Thanks for your help!


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You mentioned that you are using the 2015 version of the sound and vibration toolkit - if you're using LV2016 then I think you need to use the 2016 toolkit.

You should be able to download from the following link:

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