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Adding the PXIe-7846R as a target in my LabVIEW project?

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I am trying to add the PXIe-7846R FPGA-based DAQ to my LabVIEW FPGA project, but I do not see it in the list of target devices available, is there any way to add it as a target? I do not have access to the module yet so I was hoping I could add the device and create a few test VIs.

In the end, I will have a PXIe-1085 Chassis with the PXIe-7846R and a PXIe-7915 FlexRIO Coprocessor Module installed in the chassis. I was able to add the PXIe-7915 as a target device and create a few test VIs, but if there is a way to add the PXIe-7846R as a target, is there any way to also add the chassis as well along with the two target devices?

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Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT


Please check with above tool whether your system satisfy the requirements.

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