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Adding noise and channel to ofdm signal


I have created an ofdm VI (Transmitter and receiver). Now I want to add a noise and to apply it to a random channel. Please help me to do this. The output of the ofdm is 1D array of double complex.So whenever I try to add noise to this the wires becomes broken. 

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This should be very easy to do.  Can you post a "simple" VI (for those of us who don't use all the OFDM functions you reference) that has as its input a given Array representing the data to which you want noise added, and a description of the Noise?  Would simply adding random values from 0 to 1 (i.e. the output of the Random Number generator) suffice, or do you want "Amplitude varying by a random factor of 0.9 to 1.1 and phase varying by adding random offsets of -5 to 5 degrees" (this is just an example -- your definition of "noise" may be very different)?


You give us the Input to the "Add Noise" VI, tell us what "Noise" means, and we should be able to give you (or tell you how to "do it yourself") an output consisting of your Input plus Added Noise.  Having some "real data" (for example, an array of, say, 5 actual points) would really help ...


Bob Schor

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