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Adding librairies (no top vi) in LabView SCC?

Hi LabView developpers!

I would like to add a directory of commonly used VI
in a LabView SCC project (no top VI).
How Can I do it.

In other words:
Do VIs need to be used by a "top one" to be included in a SCC project.

My project uses also vi in directories upper than the one of the and SCC tool does not want to add them.

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When a common VI is used in one or many projects, it is controlled by SCC so you do not have to have add it explicitely to SCC. If the VI is not part of any SCC project, there is little need to control this VI...
However, what you can do is to create a VI with all the common VIs on its diagram and make a project with this VI as Top Level.
All VIs controlled by SCC must be in the SCC directory or subdirectories.

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You cannot add LLB's to source code control (SCC), except as an "Extra
File" file. However, this is not a very good solution because the
whole library is under SCC, not the individual files. LLB's must be
converted to directories in order to maintain SCC of separate VI's.
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Thanks Tim.
In fact my problem is that my uses some VIs which are
in ascending directories. It seems that SCC does not want to include them in its database.
How can you declare a directory of VIs as a kind of "library" not in term of LLB but just as "shared VIs".

Do you allways have to use descending directory architecture from "" to "" to be abble to use SCC??? It seems way too restricting.
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Two suggestions:
1. Create a 'stub' VI. The block diagram of this VI will contain nothing but icons of your commonly used VI's. Then add this stub VI to SCC as a top level VI. The stub VI and its sub VI's must be in the local SCC working directory or one of its sub directories.

2. It is possible to add a top level VI whose sub VI's are closer to the root directory. However, ALL directories that contain VIs that are to be added to SCC must be in the local SCC directory or one of its sub directories. If a directory is not in the local SCC working directory 'Tree' then SCC will complain.

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