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Adding elements to labview 13 block diagram

Greetigns. Firslty, i apologize now if my terminology is incorrect, i am pretty new to Labview and electronics in general. I have used Labview 13 for a couple of years now but this will be the first time i have to change elements of the block diagram in order to meet my requirements. Previously i have been using VI's created by now-retired work colleagues. I have a labview VI that is used in conjunction with a Ruthern Instrument's control module. The Laview VI currently controls two Ranin peristaltic pumps, one three-way solenoid valve, one VICI 6 port 2-way switching valve and one VICI 12 port selection valve. I would like to add another 6 port valve to this set-up. I can see in the VI block diagram where the current pumps and valves meet the 8-section TTL breakout box and i can see that there are sections of this box not currently used. I can also see the pumps and valves themselves in the block diagram where i can change the timings of these components. In the block diagram, how do i create a new valve and wire to to a free section of the TTL? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks


Neil Wyatt

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So using LabVIEW for years that means you've only pressed the run button and entered data into a running VI.  You say you've never put a wire into a block diagram.


You need to start with some tutorials:
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours

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Exactly, the VIs i have been using for the last two years were not created by me and there has been no need to change these until now. I think you can tell by my message that i do not profess to being a competent Labview user and was merely looking for guidance on where to start with this issue. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for the tutorials. 

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Well what I think RavensFan was commenting on, is you stated you've been using LabVIEW for several years, but you really haven't, you've just been running someone elses programs.  My web browser uses JAVA, but if I stated that I've been using JAVA for several years, and my only expose to it was running already made programs in my browser, then someone who is an expert in JAVA might scoff at me.


The tutorials linked to are good resources (other than the 3 hour tutorial which it appears NI has decided to remove or move without forwarding).  There are lots of other resources in the Unofficial Forum Guidelines.  This also covers other things like the best way to post code (using snippets or VIs, but not images)


To answer your specific question, we would need lots more information, like all the source code, all the hardware manuals, and we'd need to invest a decent amount of time.  As a result these forums aren't the greatest resource for getting problems like these resolved.  The forums are better at troubleshooting, or discussing a specific function, or behavior of LabVIEW.  Your best bet is to take some of the tutorials, and try to figure it out.  If the task is too great, NI has lots of partners that can contract out someone to help.  Feel free to post the full source, and user manuals, but just don't be surprised if you don't get much of a response from users other than "What have you tried?"

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