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Adding NI-9223, Not Found

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Before I order hardware I am attempting to build out my project and compile my FPGA (just to make sure I'm sizing my FPGA correctly).


I've selected a cRIO-9064 and am attempting to add a cSeries NI-9223 but it doesn't exist in the cSeries dropdown. Shouldn't I be able to add this? I'm running LabVIEW 2014 SP1, RT 14.0.0, FPGA 14.0.0, and NI-RIO 14.5.


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Found it! I was attempting to add the c-series module from the controller instead of adding it from the chassis. Obviously a module capable of acquiring 1Ms/s is not going to be using the scan interface so the only place to add it would be on the FPGA target not the RT target. 

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