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Add folder of files with heirarchy to installer

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Hi all,


Have a folder of files which can be read by app.  This folder has a heirarchy of other folders and contains xml files.


I simply want to include this folder and all files with heirarchy with installer and add to Application Directory.


I don't want to have to create this folder heirarchy manually within installation builder and add each xml file.


Is it possible to simply add folder of files with heirarchy to installer?



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I have gone through this same exercise in the past. The answer from my experience is no, which I know is unfortunate. I had to recreate my hierarchy under the application directory and then pick the individual files for those folders and subfolders. From some silly reason, the Installer Builder won't let you just pick a folder and add it and it's hierarchy to a destination (I could only do this with the application builder).


Except maybe for development environment crashes (which has never happened to me with other IDEs), building applications with LabVIEW has been one of the most frustrating experiences I've had with this product. But in this case, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a wide margin.

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Thanks for your response.


That is very unfortunate, especially since I have hundreds of files to include in directory with installer.


If this is truly the case, and I'm still hoping somebody will tell me it isn't, then it's a great candidate for ideas exchange.

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Accepted by topic author battler.

You should be able to do this if you add the folder in your project as an auto-populating folder. If you right click on My Computer in your project directory and select Add>>Folder (Auto-populating) this will include the folder and any subfolders. Now when you go to build an installer and go to the Source Files tab you can add this entire folder and its subfolders. Note, you are not able to do this with normal or snapshot folders. I hope this helps.

Miles G.
National Instruments
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It is auto-populating.  Does it work for you?

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One other option (In addition to Miles excellant point) is to Create a seperate project just for the folders and use a source distribution (Preserve Hierarchy on disk) to deploy these nasty files seperate from the LabVIEW code.  I've got a sneeky suspicion those files will change more that the code that uses them and you probably don't want to redeploy the entire source just to tweek an XML file

Scientists STAND on the shoulders of giants! They don't ride "piggyback" to keep their heads down.

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Example of this deployment option (I know nothing about)?

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Assume these files on disc are all your xml files.



Yields a distribution preserving the folder structure as seen here


Scientists STAND on the shoulders of giants! They don't ride "piggyback" to keep their heads down.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I want XML files to be located under ApplicationData folder of installed application. Since this is normally a hidden folder it would be difficult for user to do manually.
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