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Add Class Specific Target to a Project Programmatically

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I'm trying to create a vi which can programmatically create a project and add a target device to it (PXI-7954R). Currently I'm having no problems creating a project and adding a FPGA target to it, but it isn't class specific i.e.. Its not the 7954R.

I've found a really horrible way to do it by opening up the project file as a text file and picking through and adding what needs to be added (looking at a already created project with the target in it to compair).

Does anyone know of a way to add a class specific target to a project in the labview environment without having to manually change the project file?

Any help would be very much appreciated

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Hi James,


You need to add the correct Class ID into the Project Item Type terminal.


You will then have to create and set the correct Tags associated with that Item.


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