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Actor framework - Indicator in messages


I am learning actor framework and it is advised to encapsulate commands. But I have come across a situation. I have a VI that has 3 tabs.

1. Login

2. Self-Test

3. Settings


I have made a Authenticate in my actor as a command. But I notice that when i create message for this command. The message does not have the indicator terminals. 


The authenticate Login VI has two indicators:

1. Login Successful

2. Admin?


If login is true the tab swtiches to self test.

If Admin is true certain settings are enabled else disabled.


How can i communicate indicator data between two command VIs of the same actor?

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I don't understand your question. Messages do not have indicator terminals. Messages just tell the actor what to perform. Do you mean that the message does not have the control inputs that you need? If that's the case does the vi from which you created the message have the controls mapped? Could you by chance upload a copy of your Actor?

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