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ActiveX for Keysight LPA in LabView

Hi all,

I use Keysight U4421A Protocol Exerciser to generate MIPI CSI-2 data with Keysight's Logic and Protocol Analyzer software. I works fine.

But i need to control this exerciser with LabView through ActiveX controls. I am connected to the instrument and i can control it, but i need to connect to Exerciser module and start him. I use TypeCast to convert generic Module reference into Ecerciser reference as it is in attachement.

If i want to start the Exerciser, the program does not work and it writes this error:

NI System Configuration:  (Hex 0x80070057) Invalid parameter.

But StartExerciser method does not need any input arguments.

If i use any other method (GetXmlFormat, Execute Command,..) the program fails with no error.

Use i right the TypeCast Control?

Do you know any solution, how can i control the exerciser?

Thank you.

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Hi KyssyK,


Where exactly are you trying to start the Exerciser? Is it at the invoke node named “IExerciser” or is that just where you are reading if it has started or not?


My gut tells me that either the type-casted reference or blank string input into that invoke node are causing that error. It is difficult to troubleshoot without the hardware but that is where I would look.


Also, I am not sure if this helps, but invoke nodes will operate top down. It appears that you are getting a Boolean of “ExecuteCommand“ and then sending that empty string “ExecuteCommand” right below that. I am not sure if this is intentional but usually you send properties and then get them. What are you trying to do at that invoke node?

Nolan H.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi NoHeart43,

Execiser starts at the invoke node IExerciser-StartExerciser.

But now i solved it. The problem is in the type-cast. When i convert the reference with Variant to Data it works.

Thank you for your help.

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