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ActiveX event callbacks show the problem in real time

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When use the event callback routine, why does the value of “网页标题2” not be displayed in real time based on “网页标题”????

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Since debugging pictures is almost impossible, added by the fact that the Chinese characters offer to me 0.0% additional information whatsoever, all I can tell you is that you understand something wrong here. As far as I'm concerned you could have posted a picture of a nice flower and asked


"When use the event callback routine, why does the value of “x7234wxxxwerwrewre” not be displayed in real time based on “sdfvbcvbetery55345453453534”???? I would have understood just as much "Bahnhof"

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By looking at the image 网页标题2 is updated by local variable of 网页标题. I don't see the necessity yo update this variable using Local Variable. Based on the data flow of the program 网页标题2 and 网页标题 indicators will be updated at a same time (网页标题 with the value read from the ActiveX property and 网页标题2 is updated by the previous value of the 网页标题 from local variable). This is the reason 网页标题2 value is not show in real time.

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Incorrect.  Based on dataflow, it is not possible to determine whether 网页标题2 will get the old or the new value of 网页标题.  You both read from and write to 网页标题, but the sequence is undefined according to the principle of dataflow.  Either one might happen first.



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