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ActiveX Cotrol Image & Memory

Hi All,

I have an activeX container on my front panel that contains a MicroSoft Web
Browser Control. I've loaden an image into it using the Navigate method. I
then use the LV GetImage method on the control to retreive the image of the
control. I'm finding that every time I execute the LV method a little more
memory gets used and never released. If I get the image enough time, it
will cause Win to run out of memory.

I'm using LV6.0.2, Win2000 and IE 6.

Has anyone seen this before, or have a solution?


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I was able to reproduce this problem in 6.0.2. I tried several workarounds but none were successful. You may not be able to do this unless someone else has a good workaround.

I tested the same VI in 6.1 and did NOT have the memory problem.

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