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ActiveX Calls Wrong Internet Explorer Version

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LabVIEW 2018 64-bit Windows 10


I have been prototyping and attempting to find and example related to logging into a website and then automating a few form entries. The website uses cookies and redirects a few times so my unsuccessful attempts led me to use an ActiveX container with a WebBrowser but it seems to be calling an instance of IE7 even though I have IE11 on the machine. 


Has any of you ever ran into this? I have been asking uncle Google and am unable to articulate the question properly I suppose and am hoping that the community has some direction. Many thanks in advance!




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Hi Winston,


This sounds like it may be an issue related to Microsoft. I did find some forums on their website that discuss a similar issue:


ActiveX Controls not loading as expected:


ActiveX Controls not available when running IE11:


I hope these can provide some guidance!





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Thanks for your response. I followed the links you provided and read through them but am ignorant when it comes to calling ActiveX and rusty in other languages. 


I still don't fully understand if there is a solution to implement in LabVIEW '18 that will allow me to call the correct version of IE. It looks like there is a way to load Firefox, which may be a more viable option so I'll investigate that. Thanks again!




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have you found solution? I have same issue as you 

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I was unable to work out a solution in LabVIEW and ended up trying Java. I know that it's possible and also was able to make slight progress using Python but was never able to cross the finish line. Sorry I can't help more!

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