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Active X control of D-Link DCS-2100+ Wireless Network Camera

Hello fadenoid,


Thanks for the reply.


Ok, I will try to get this from my dealer (he's communicating with the company, so may be they still have in stock). But just for the confirmation -

1) could you get the video stream successfully (not the periodic snapshots) using this model?

2) Do you have any idea about WVC200 model? Does it give the video stream? 

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Hello Vaibhav,

I found video streaming to be the easiest thing to set up, quite a long time before I got snapshot working.


When the activeX control is placed on the front panel and opened programatically (assuming you've got username and password set up, admin and admin was the default from recollection) the video will be presented inside the activeX container. Did you get this with the WVC54GC?


I can't comment on the wvc200 as I've got no experience of it, but if you do get hold of one and get it going I'd be very interested as this has pan and tilt functionality.



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Hi fadenoid,


Yes, I placed the activeX control on the front panel, but couldn't get the video streaming. Video streaming is my purpose. Once I could not get it, I tried with the snapshots, and that didn't work either.


So you mean, on your camera, video streaming worked well. And you recommend WVC200, due to its pan and tilt features, right? Well, let me see then. I would ask my dealer to get me either WVC54G or WVC200.

From your experience, I assume that at least on WVC54G I would get the streaming. In the worst case, I would get the WVC54GC (as my original one), and I would have to fight with the streaming again.

Actually, my main purpose is to send the stream over the internet (using Datasocket, preferably, but could be any means using LabVIEW) and if any camera allows me do that, I am more than happy. If I access the video stream through activeX, I am not sure if it would allow me to use the stream programmatically as well.



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Hello Vaibhav,

If you have a look at the code I provided a little while back, that streams video in the activeX window until the snapshot case is executed. It's very important that the username and password are set correctly otherwise the video won't appear in the container.


Hope this helps.



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hi Fadenoid,

I use the same camera but I have LabView V7.1. Could you please give me an image of the block diagram even if it is in V8.5 so that I can do it?

Best regards.



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Hello Jorge,

Which camera are you using - is it the wvc54g?



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Hello Jorge

I've attached 7.1 versions of snapshot and video streaming. I tried them last night and worked ok in 7.1. Try these and see if they work for you - if not it will most likely be a case of registering the ocx.



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Thanks Fadenoid. It worked fine. Now I only have to adapt it to the VI I'm using.

Best regards.



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Hello everybody.


I've been reading throught your posts and I successfully made my wireless webcam work, displaying the streaming video in my front panel.  Thank you all.  Now, I would like to ask a question to see whether or not somebody can help me out.  I'm using the properties of the netcamplayer11g library and I wonder if it's possible to display the streaming video of two cameras at the same time in two differents ActiveX controls.   I couldn't make it work and I start to think that it's not possible to have both of them streaming at the same time (using the ActiveX control).  Does any of you know the reason or the step I should follow to make it work?


Thank you in advance for you time.



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