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Active X control of D-Link DCS-2100+ Wireless Network Camera

Why is it still so difficult control these IP camera using LabVIEW?

It seems so easy to me:

- Open a TCP-IP connection between computer and camera with a special parameter which enable snapshots transmittions. Only images, no other information.

- Use a loop to send commands to request new snapshots.

- Close TCP-IP connection.

When do you use Internet Explorer to connect to IP cameras is it possible receive only images or the internal camera server sends a HTML page with the image included?

Thanks again, fadenoid!

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The dlink can return a streaming image to the web browser, but I tried messing about with saving the contents of the explorer activeX window which unfortunately didn't work. I've snapshot the screen on previous attempts to save image to HDD (see my earlier posts on this topic) but its very processor hungry.

The linksys image is streaming and embedded in the web page but from recollection the image part can be stripped out. This route I think is a bit "clunky" as the image capture is still as above.

After a lot of experimentation I've found that the quickest route for my apps is to use the activeX functionality that is bundled with the camera to extract snapshots etc. I'm sure it is possible with the dlink but I chose the linksys as it is easier to implement this function, and doesn't require the use of the browser.

Hope this helps.


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Hi fadenoid,

at the end didn't succeed with LV7.1 and now I have upgraded to 8.5, it would be great if you could provide me with some working code, thanks.

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Hello Pepic,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I've attached a stripped out version of the VI I created for a job. Create a folder and dump the VI and control in it. When you operate snapshot it should dump a jpeg in there. You'll probably need to change the address to match your camera and possibly user name and password.


Let me know if it works ok for you.




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Thanks Fadenoid, I'll come back to you in a while to let you know I'm out of business for medical reasons next week, p.-
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Hello Pepic, have you made any progress with cams?



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Hi everybody!


I'm still think of buy a Linksys Wireless IP Cam to display its image using LabVIEW.


Fadenoid, do you know if Linksys WVC200 also works with ActiveX commands?

It seems an advanced model of IP camera with pan/tilt control and I'd like to access the properties of the camera using ActiveX, just like you did with WGC54G.


Take a look at its site:

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I've been looking at the same camera for a while - this is an upgraded version of the wvc54g which I believe does have the same activeX support, but may be worth checking on the web eg look at a few reviews as these usually state the support, or failing that the linksys forum as this does have a large amount of discussion on using the WVC cameras.


I would imagine that it is an extended ActiveX control that is supported, allowing you to move the camera via pan and tilt etc. If you do get hold of one, let me know how you get on.



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Fadenoid, I did try your LV file and works perfectly well with my camera, thanks for helping out. p.-

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I am also trying to show live video from my Linksys IP wireless camera (model WVC54GC-EU) in LabVIEW program.

The camera shows images in webbrowser.

Apparently, the camera installed an ActiveX object NetCamPlayerWeb11gv2.ocx on my computer.


As suggested earlier in this forum, I did following steps:


- created a blank VI,

- added ActiveX container,

- inserted ActiveX object "NetCamPlayerWeb11gv2" from the list of available ActiveX objects.


However, I am not able to see the property "snapshot" or any other property to see the video images from the camera. I don't see any property to see the real video. The property "Image data" gives values like "depth" and "colors" etc., but no images.


Any idea what is missing in my steps?


Thanks ahead!

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