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Activation of Student Install Option fails

Hi there,

as a professor of a german UAS I am holding lectures in signal processing that include a hands-on LabVIEW training for all students. My university obtained a license including a Student Install Option for this purpose.


After more than a year of use without any serious problems, the serial number associated with the install option now fails to activate the LabVIEW installations on about 10% of my students' computers: The license manager will display an "Activation Warning" and the SW will start neither in regular nor in evaluation mode. A reinstallation does not solve this problem. The other 90% of the installations seem to work fine and could be activated without problems using the same serial number.


I've already discovered the following knowledge base post on somehow similar activation issuses:

However, the advices posted there did not solve the issue for most of my students' cases.


Furthermore, the advice to contact NI Technical Support has not proven helpfull, as the contact URL will open a service request landing page with very limited options:

  • Individual support request cannot be opened as "there is no running support contract"
  • Online license activation at
    fails with a message that "This product can no longer be activated"

My university's IT responsibles have repeatedly assured me we still have an active license contract and the serial number I handed to my students should still be working.


I am out of my wits - anyone got any idea to make our LabVIEW-License accessible for all of my students? As the LabVIEW exercises are part of the regular curriculum, this is a crucial issue for everyone affected by the activation failure.


Thanks for any support and best regards, Georg


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Some of my students managed to get their installations activated after disabling the IPv6 protocoll in the WLAN adapter settings. Strange ...

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