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Acquiring data from Eurotherm 2704

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We have a Eurotherm 2704 temperature controller installed in our lab. Now we have to develop a LabVIEW program to controll this device which has been connected to the computer via serial port. Could someone please tell us how to acquuire data from the device for LabVIEW?

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The NI Instrument Driver Network has some drivers for other models. You may want to see if one of those models will work for you. Other than that, the manufacturer's web site indicates that you can use OPC to communicate with the controller. They provide an example VI on their site. It links to the examples in a LabVIEW 6 installation, but you can just repoint it to whatever version of LabVIEW you have installed.
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Thank you, it works.


We installed the iTool OPC Server and changed the file from the "manufacturer' web site", after that it was possible to read / write the temperature from the controllers.


But we have an other problem now. The connection between the PC and the controllers is too slow. We have 3 controllers (with 3 loops each). To write 9 values and to read 9 values are ca. 3 seconds needed, and it is to slow for our project.


We changed the timeout of the serial-port to 200ms (it is the minimum value), through it the update-time is decreaded to 2 seconds (1 second would be enough for us), but we are not sure, that it is ok, to change the timeout-time of the serialport.


By the changing of the timeout-time (in the iTools OPC Server software) of the devices the update-time stayed the same (we think so).

(What does the timeout of the devices do ? )


It is possible to do the update faster ?!


We attached the simplifyed version of the program (only the part, where the values are readed / writed).

Maybe we have a misstake in other code, or it can be done better ?


We hope, you can help us.

Thank you very much.


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I've to work with Eurotherm 2604. Basically I need to be able to communicate with the oven and read/modify temperature.

I read what was written above but the iTools seem to have been removed from the website. And I can't find instrument drivers too for 2604 anywhere.


Can you help me here? I am new to this.

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