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Acquiring data for many analogue input in demande



Please I have three problem and want your ideas :


1. I would like to do acquisition for 4 differents analogues inputs, is it the best way to do this ? my idea is bellow


2. I would like to acquiring many data in demand of user : for example if he want to acquire data for 5 channels he just configure every channel and he can change configuration everytime. I know that I can change path to have this 


But is there other way ?

And if i want to acquire only channel 0 and channel 2. how can do it ?


3. Can I change this polomorphic vi programmaticaly ?



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Hi Fred,


first of all, yes you can select multiple channels that are not in a row:

The thing you need is a "Physical Channel List". You just separate the Channels by comma, but each channel needs his full device specifier here.

so its

"Dev1/ai0, Dev1/ai2"

not "Dev1/ai0,2"!


The other thing is the read. Here is no way to change the polymorphic vi automatically. And from this point on I think you might want to use a different way to acchieve this.

Cant you just read all the Inputs frequently, and just display the Value needed to the User?

Or you can have 4 separate tasks for all channels, and give the User an Interface (e.g. Checkboxes) which he wants to read, and then just run one of the four tasks.


Is that any helpful for you? Please let me know if you have further questions!


Best Regards,

Jan Göbel

Staff Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hello Jan Göbel,


Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that if I have around twenty acquisition, my vi become more and more complicated.

Other proposition please!




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Hello Fred,


what exactly would become complicated about the VI? I don't see a problem doing 20 Analog Inputs within a single application. Of course you might need to think about the Architecture a little.



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