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Acquired Image from Webcam and Convert into Binary Image


Hello guys!


I would like to post a question, but for some unknown reason there isn't any button for me to do that so I will post question in here instead. I tried follow the example code from:

to acquire image from webcam and convert into binary image. I download the code from that link and it work fine. However when I tried to replicate the code in another empty project it does not work: the binary image remain black all the time. Please give me some suggestion.



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Just right click on the image dsplay control and choose Palette>>Binary to see the binary image. When using the default palette (grayscale), pixels with values of 0 and 1 are both black, so you can't see the thresholded areas of the image.


I'll pass along the feedback about the normal support page not allowing you to post a question to see what is wrong with that.


Hope that helps,


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