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Acquire audio signal

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I am trying to read a voice signal and save it in an audio format. To accomplish this, I use an electret microphone, the LM358A to amplify the signal and the oscilloscope Hantek 6022BE to acquire the signal. I am using the LabVIEW 2018. I start from an example provided by Hantek that I upload here as


After that, I just build a waveform with the VI Build Waveform and resample it with VI Resample Waveform. With the output, I play it with VI Play Waveform and create a .wav audio file with VI Sound File Write Simple. I attach the VI as


My problem is that the sound quality of Play Waveform is much superior to the audio file created by Sound File Write Simple and I would like to know why and how to improve it. I attach the sound generated by Play Waveform as PlayWaveform.3gpp and the .wav file generated by the Sound File Write Simple as SoundFileWriteSimple.wav. The first one I had to record with my phone to share with you so you could understand the difference between both audios.


The audio files were zipped together with the library HTMarch.dll that allows communication with the oscilloscope Hantek 6022BE.


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05-19-2019 02:50 PM

Problem solved, I should have read the Help about the VI Sound File Write Simple. So the sound data range from -1 to 1 and I was using the data directly from the oscilloscope, I just had to scale it.

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