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Acquire Audio from USB Audio coverter

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Hey Guys, How are you ?


I need to measure an Audio using a Shotgum Microphone using USB converter, someone knows the best way to acquire the audio from the USB Converter interface ?


Thanks in advanced,

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The attached VI should help with the basic structure of how labview captures data from the sound card. You'll need to change the value of the device ID. Make sure your computer recognizes your device & drivers are installed before you try to get labview to talk to it. Be sure to read the detailed help (ctrl-h) for soundcard input. 


From there you should be able to process the captured data as needed.

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Hello, First of all thank you very much for your help and I am sorry because I could not reply before because I was waiting for my microphoe to start working on this.



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Is there any different library different from the (unreliable) lvsound2.dll?
It is well known that this DLL creates a sort of devices' list when run but in case of any disconnection/reconnection it is impossible to refresh it without exiting, unloading and then run again.


Is there any example using any other DLL from Microsoft?

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I've written an open source library called G-Audio (github, VIPM) which serves as a complete replacement for lvsound2.dll, plus adds a bunch of features. Among its features is the ability to refresh audio devices after a connect/disconnect. See Query Audio Devices included with the library:




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