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Acoustic Testing

This is a project for my undergradute thesis through a co-op program. I am not super familiar with LabVIEW but it is what I have to work with so I have a number of questions I am looking for help on.

The task at hand is to create a program that will do the following;

  • Create a frequncy sound sweep from 20hz to 2000hz that will be output through the soundcard from the aux jack.
  • Simultaneously collect data from two microphones that are on either end of a tube with baffling in the middle to show the difference the baffling makes
  • Graph the data/output the data to excel to make a graph of the ratio of sound pressure output over sound pressure input to show relative effectiveness to other configurations

I have not been able to get the Play to work through my soundcard so I have been working with a much more crude method. I also can not seem to get the data I am looking for to output after collecting the sound.

Attached are two of my best attempts thus far. The v5 file is a modification of a .vi I was able to find.

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Have you looked at the Examples that come with LabVIEW?  [Help, Find Examples ...].  There is one called Generate Sound that may be useful.


Bob Schor

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How are you acquiring the data? with what hardware?

Also, I was only able to opne one of the VIs. But I believe that for your application, you need to have everything inside one main while loop.

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I am using two microphones with NI Part number 153551A-O1L, and a cDAQ 9181 Ethernet DAQ. I have an amp and a specialized speaker that are connected to the computer through an aux port.

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This helped correct some of the sound generations issues I Was having. Thank you!

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Here is my latests attempt. I used two of the examples and am working on them to try and get what I am looking for. Or at the very least learn what I can to improve until I get what I need. I can run this perfectly with one microphone, but I can not seem to come up with a way to get the second to work.

P.S. Sorry for the less-than-optimized front panel

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