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Accessing sbRIO 9637 via USB port

Hello Everyone,


Recently I was requested to access sbRIO 9637 via USB port.


Specifically, the requirement was to access the sbRIO attached with a USB hub + a single thumb drive connected to the PC.


And the sbRIO 9637 will be detected as an external "hard disk" on the laptop/PC.

So far I have managed to access the sbRIO via LAN connection or known as FTP connection as the following link says but the requirement/request was to connect via USB cable


Is it possible to do such a thing with sbRIO 9637 or something close to it,?

so far I've not found any tutorial or articles about making a connection to sbRIO 9637 via USB port

Any suggestion/comments would be welcomed 

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When the sbRIO connects to the computer using its USB port, it creates an Ethernet interface (same goes for CompactRIO devices). You will detect it in the Device Manager as a network adapter.


Therefore, you will have the capabilities mentioned in the different resources you have already found, such as FTP and WebDAV to transfer files into it.


I don't expect the device to be recognized as an external hard drive by the computer. However, you can use the File Explorer to have something similar: Add Network Location, Map FTP Drive in Windows 10/8/7


All the best,

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Thank you for the reply,

FTP and WebDAV have been tried with an ethernet cable and it worked like a charm.

For sbRIO 9637 I had tried deploying the program via Ethernet cable and so far so good. But I am having trouble with connecting the sbRIO 9637 with a USB cable, It seems that the NI MAX says "Windows does not have a driver associated with your device" (refer attached pic) although I've already installed the required drivers such as CompactRIO drivers and etc. Attaching USB storage is fine and also accessing files within it, Is it really possible to make a connection on sbRIO 9637 via USB instead of Ethernet connection? Or the USB slot is just for attaching storage devices, cameras and else. Am I missing something or the sbRIO 9637 USB slot is just for attaching storage device or something else instead of plugging directly to the PC for deploying and debugging a program

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nikariff95, can you ping the IP address when connected by USB?


How does it look like in the Device Manager? Could it be it's not correctly registered? Please check the documents:



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