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Accessing TestStand StationGlobal within LabVIEW

For a current project I am attempting to access and set an existing StationGlobal "SimulationMode" of type Boolean in TestStand from within a LabVIEW VI, using the following code depicted below:


StationGlobal accessStationGlobal access


A fair number of examples depict this being done in the same manner, yet somehow I am not able to access this particular StationGlobal "SimulationMode". Even just trying to get the Boolean value (without the prior set Boolean) does not yield me the value of the StationGlobal Boolean. I am certain that I have correctly applied the Application Manager to link to the TestStand application, as per the following paragraph.


In a separate VI I was able to find that LabVIEW can determine that this StationGlobal exists: by using PropertyObject with the 'Exists' method I am able to obtain the accurate Boolean condition for whether the specified StationGlobal exists or not. It returns a true on "SimulationMode" as string input, whilst any other input (such as "SimMode") returns a false.


How would I be able to access and set the value of this StationGlobal of type Boolean in Teststand from within a LabVIEW VI? I am using LabVIEW 2017 SP1 and TestStand 2017 (TestStand 2017 API Ver 1.0).

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You just need the SequenceContext and then use the TestStand - Get Property or the TestStand - Set Property  Both are in the TestStand palette.

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Wow, thanks! I am now able to get the accurate value from the TestStand StationGlobal using the TestStand - Get Property Value VI . However, when I attempt to write to it using the Set Property Value VI it will not change the value in TestStand for this StationGlobal. I am using the following program:

new program.png

 Also, per the Sequence Context In this will only function if I call the Labview from the sequence, correct? Can the LabVIEW VI not modify StationGlobals by its own, just running as standalone?


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