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Acceleration to position.

I am using accelerometers (+/-2g) in an inertial navigation system. The input voltage is proportional to the acceleration.

The aim is to produce a map of XY coordinates. I also want to be able to plot events at the coordinates they occur at. Something like an intensity chart where the colour indicates the strength of the event would be ideal.

I am new to labview and have been struggling to get to grips with the program. In particular I have been having problems with the "integral(x)" vi which seems to require an array containing the waveform before any calculation is carried out. I am looking for a solution that instantly converts the input acceleration signal to a position. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
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Point by Point is propbably what you want. If you don't have 6.1 there is a Point by Point toolset. The toolset comes with LabVIEW RT, so if you are thinking of using a Real-time system you'll have it. Incidentally, Real Time might be something to look into since determinism might be important for your applicaiton.

Since your acceleration is going to be a varying with time, you need more than one data point in order to get a proper integral, which is why the integral function requires more than one point. If you only fed it a single point it would have to assume that the acceleration function was constant. The point by point VIs allow you to feed in a single point at a time because they maintain a history of the last several points. If you want, you
can design your own VIs to do the same thing. This is usually done using unninitialized shift registers.
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