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About the funcionality of some inputs and outputs of the subVI from the library Makerhub (Using Arduino + MPU6050)

Hello everyone!!, I'm starting using labview + Arduino, and I'm creating a proyect to measure vibration of some system with the acelerometer MPU6050. I create this program following a tutorial: 




And I have several question about that: 


1) About the subVI open:




As you can see, in the program is not stablish two things : "Baud rate Override" and "Device name". For what I read, the first input sets the number of bits por second that will be stream from arduino to the computer Is it? , and it's not stablish becouse its default value is 115200 Do I have true? . What I'm not sure is about the output "Device Name" What is that? and why Is not stablish or wire to something? 


2) About the subVI Open of the MPU6050 

capture 3.png


In the program is select as clock source: "Internal 8MHz Osc" . What's mean that? I mean, I know about the communication I2C and that that protocol need some clock source, but why is set up to have this specifications , they're other opcions like : 

 capture 4.png


Why was the first option selected and not the others? on the other hand I suppose that here I set up the type of clock pulse that I want that my arduino have Is it?.


Additionally why "accel full scale range" and "gyro full scale range"  aren't wire too? Do it have some type of default value? How I can know what it is? 


3) About the subVI close: 

capture 5.png


When its say "close the I2C master" means that ends up the I2C communication?, why have that opcion? , I mean, to end the communication already exist the subVI "close" from LINX:

capture 6.png



I'm sorry if my english is not the best. 

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