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About the counting of true or false condition.

Dear All,

I want all of your corodial help for the attached lab view program.

  • I Want to count the number of true or false condition in a program after each time running.
  • If the condition greater than 5 or 10 iwant generate a message.
  • After the condition true i want to also generate a message but after generating message i did not reset untill close the program.

Please help me about the above problem.

Thanking you

Abu Hanif Md.ripon

M.Sc research student of chittagong University of Science and technology (CUET)



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This is a very basic thing. You should use a while loop, and learn what is a shift register. Do not use the "Run Continuos" mode.

If you are a student, you can have access to the Core 1 online training videos. I strongly suggest you to start learning using these freely available sources, before asking here to solve your home work 😉

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