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About "IMAQ Quantify" & "multi-regions IMAQ Mask"


1. In "IMAQ Quantify", what is the "Region Reports" used for?
The help doc said "Region Reports is a cluster containing the quantification data relative to each region within an image, or the entire image if the Image Mask is not connected. The nth element ***in this array**** contains the data regarding the nth region. The size of this array is equal to the largest pixel value in Image Mask."

"in this array" means in WHAT array? And where is the "region" from? I am confused

2. A Mask Template has 6 non-zero regions, for example,it has 6 circles with non-zero pixels,
I want to know some quantification data(e.g. mean value) of every circle region separately in the masked image. Generally, I can get it by this: use a mask which has only one cirle on every region in turn in the image, we know,it needs 6 loops.

Is there any better method that can get results directly without loops?

Many thanks!
(My English is poor...Hope you could get what I mean...3x)
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The array that is referred to in the description is the datatype of the output, itself. Region Reports is an array where each element of the array contains information about a given region within the image. These regions are defined by the Image Mask input to the function. Each window that is left by the mask represents a region. The Region Reports output contains the following information: mean pixel value, standard deviation, minimal pixel value, maximal pixel value, the area of the region based upon any calibration that has been imposed, etc. If no mask has been used, then there will be a single element to the Region Reports output array which contains the same information, only for the entire image.

If you take this mask template and apply it to the Image Mask input of IMAQ Quantify, then you will get the mean pixel value for every region that is exposed by the mask. Each of these regions will be a separate element in the above described Region Reports output.

I hope that clarifies the use of the function. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Scott R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Scott Romine
Course Development Engineer
National Instruments
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